Me, myself and I

Exactly two months ago I gave birth to my third child. I officially joined the mums over forty club. Just when I thought life was getting back to normal. Bam, the universe changed it up.

First time around I had twins. In the blink of an eye october is here and they will be nine. Im still amazed at how we got here. Its packed up with lots of sleepless nights tears happy moments and blurs.

Karmically Im winning as I am takng care of four humans other than myself, I recently read somewhere that counts in the karma book. What was once two became four and is now five. That is alot of love to go around.

In exactly one week I turn 43, I thank my kids everyday for making me less self absorbed and more focussed on not screwing up their lives. We are raising some amazing humans, who will help change the world.

Somewhere in between all this raising business I got a degree, a Bachelor of Natural medicine and a diploma in herbs, I lost my dad and suffered from depression for a while. It felt like I pulled the blanket up and went to sleep till it got better. It never did it just changed. 

From being a very transient couple we brought our first house it was built in 1902 a railway home complete with foot claw bath. It had always been a dream of mine but we never lived in it. It was a means to manifest a mortgage free home. Thank you mum and dad for raising me to get out there and make shit happen for myself.

We spent every last penny we had on a home for our kids, its small but its extendable just like our family. We are completely of grid powered by the sun and watered from the heavens. And we are still working our arses of to survive.

I havent mentioned my partner in crime yet and thats because we are one unit. When I speak of myself I speak of him too. But he deserves a mention because without him I would probably still be swanning around the world having an empty best life.I will always yearn for the take off the new experiences, people and places but that was then and this is now. If there is one thing that I am sure of its that I have lived.

We can rewind a bit over the next few posts if you like this is simply a small meet and greet, for now we can fast forward to the launch of lua.I wont call it skincare because it doesnt really have a category or a tidy little compartment.  lua is pieces of me, the things I love and stuff I have learned along the way. Its a lifestyle.

Naturally I second guess myself all the time because Im having a human experience theres no handbook theres no one to help. Ive finally realised Im an adult, adulting all around town. Winning and losing is a pretty even keel. Succeding or not, being a good person or a mirror to those who choose to be the opposite.

Lua is the half way point before I reach the middle chapter of my human experience. Ill probably talk alot about herbs wildcrafting, distilling and growing medicinal gardens. Im going to teach you all to make a natural pharmacy in the comfort of your own home. This is going to be an amazing trip. So put your seatbelt on and join me. Who knows where we will end up.

A x