Lua | Lua & Dom Luna Bath Salts 770g

Lua & Dom Luna Bath Salts 770g

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We are taking Moon bathing next level. Relax detox and unwind. Set clear intentions to renew create and experience. Feel that which no longer serves you melt away.

Use for the relief of stress, muscle aches, headaches improve circulation skin hydration and uptake of minerals. Helps with detoxifying and purifying your body of heavy metals and toxins.

Attract love, abundance, creativity, positive energy and protection. Full moon charged moonstone inside. A talisman of the inward journey taking one deep into the self our ties to the moon are strong. As it waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection it creates the tides and rhythums of Papatuanuku and influences our behaviours, emotions and spiritual growth.

Ingredients: Powdered white sage, magnesium sulphate, organic NZ sea salt, baking soda, essential oil of sage, fullmoon charged moonstone.



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