Lua | Lua oil cleanser - for problem and acne prone skin

Lua oil cleanser for problem and acne prone skin

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Formulated with a blend of oils to unclog pores, reduce rashes,acne and lock in moisture for glowing skin. The high presence of linoleic acid facilitates the regeneration of new skin with active benefits of rosemary to quench free radicals soothe and condition.Leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and clear.

Ingredients: Safflower oil, castor oil,sunflower oil, rosemary leaf antioxidant, manuka essential oil, polyglyceryl-3palmitate, Vitamin E

Directions: Immerse a flannel in hot water place over the face for thirty seconds to open up the pores and soften skin. Drop a teaspoon full of oil into your palm massage into your face and neck in a circular motion for about two minutes. Run your flannel under hot water and steam your face for a further 10 seconds. Than gently wipe the oil from your face using either your flannel or a konjac sponge. For best results we recomend the use of a konjac sponge to remove all impurities from the skin. Finish with a spritz of manuka hydrosol and moisturise. We recomend Lua light day cream or Lua suncare oil.

Ethically sourced quality Natural ingredients.

Hand made in New Zealand

Earth conscious

Cruelty free

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