About Lua


Lua helps you add ritual to your life, giving you moments to escape from the busyness, to put yourself first, to take time and centre yourself at the beginning and end of each day.

Lua means moon in Portuguese. Like the moon, we move through different cycles, changing while remaining in the same body. Our products are designed to look after you in each cycle of your life, from birth to adulthood. We help you through each stage, protecting and nourishing you with our botanical skincare, herbal remedies, diy self care kits, and herbal teas.

When you use Lua products, your using products developed and made in small batches by qualified natural practitioner Awhina Motutere.

Lua produces the following ranges:

Lua & Dom- natural herbal skin remedies, Lua & You- DIY kits, Lua Hunter-mens natural range, Herbal Tea blends

All our products are manufactured in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and are wild crafted, using ethically sourced ingredients. They are completely cruelty free.


Even if you are a small forest surviving off of moon alone.your light is extraordinary. -reminder

Nayyriah waheed moonlight


About me:

After the birth of my twins, and the loss of a body that was very forgiving no matter what I put into it, I went on a huge journey to accept the person I now see in the mirror, and love myself in the skin Im in.

I'm not someone who wants to spend a huge amount of time "putting on my face."I would prefer to spend anytime Iv'e got soaking up all the goodness you get from looking up at the moon and stars, feeling the sun on my face, and having my bare feet walk on lush grass or warm, soft sand.

I believe true beauty comes from what we put into our minds, our bodies and on our skin.

Lua was born from a desire to use the plants and ingredients Mother Nature provides to create products that nourish the skin, and make you feel good about yourself when you use them.

Ive used my knowledge in natural medicine, incorporating wild crafted, carefully designed combinations to produce products that not only smell and feel good to use, but help the body.

Ive taken traditional practices and ingredients produced in our beautiful Aotearoa, and integrated them with modern concepts to create my ranges.

Our bodies deserve to be loved at each stage of our lives.

Lua is my gift to myself, and to all woman (and men!) who want to nourish their skin.

Take time out. Focus on yourself. Slow down. Add ritual and meaning to your day.

And allow lua to enhance what is already there.