A journey of self discovery through connection to ourselves
and the natural world around us.


As we enter ngahuru it is a time of stripping back and letting go of that  which no longer serves us. It is a time of inward preperation reflection and transformation.

The first of three in our series of workshops are an ode to our indigenous practices and traditions. Our focus is on self healing and restoring our traditional practices , people and our land. Steeped in kawa, Tikanga,whanaungatanga, Karakia and waiata this wānanga will set the foundation on your plant path/haerenga rākau. With strong foundations we are able to forge any path, we will not falter because this is our absolute truth/pono marika.

The first  of our series is designed to empower people to work with their own intuition and enable them to determine how these trees will work in unison with their mauri through whanaungatanga and connection. This wānanga brings us right back to creation. Te whakapapa tuatahi o nga rākau, the first geneology of trees.

These wānanga are unique courses based on NZ Native trees and traditional knowledge. We will move through the seasons and the changes of the ngāhere whilst developing our matakitetanga/intuition and whanaungatanga/connection.