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The power of smudging

 As we move through life everything can get dirty houses, cars, workspaces, work places andyour energy fields all get cluttered with our life experiences.

Smudging allows you to take charge of your health and wellbeing it is an easy way of cleansingyourself and your surroundings of the things that no longer serve you or stale energy.

Use often to cleanse yourself and the spaces which you inhabit.

The plant spirit of sage works with you and for you to dissipate old energy or when you feelenergetically depleted.

Often used with a feather and paua shell. The representation is earth, air, fire, waterAlways work with clear intentions of clearing, protection and love.

My way

Clean the space . open all windows and doors.

If you are cleansing yourself it's good to jump in the shower after to wash everything away.

You will obviously create your own ritual over time just make sure you get the smoke into every nook and cranny even around our pets spaces.

Once in awhile I'll cleanse outside the perimeter of the house. My husband is more concerned that I look like a lunatic rather than that my Intention is for protection from outside influences. 

Once you get into a habit, wherever you go and spaces you enter you will be able to feel the energies contained within. Homes and spaces soak everything into its walls they are living breathing things. Everything has a life force.

For example:  A house where a couple have been arguing the air can feel thick and dirty. A home that has a newborn baby will feel light and happy it will even smell that way.Energy doesn't lie. Trust your intuition. Intuition is your most trusted tool never doubt what you feel that gut feeling is always right. Always work from your highest intention of Love.

Smudge your life. 

Smudging prayer

May your hands be cleansed, that they create beautiful things.

May your feet be cleansed, that they might take you where you most need to be.

May your heart be cleansed, that you might hear its messages clearly.

May your throat be cleansed, that you might speak rightly when words are needed.

May your eyes be cleansed, that you might see the signs and wonders of the world.

May this person and space be washed clean by the smoke of these fragrant plants.

And may that same smoke carry our prayers, spiraling, to the heavens

Ethically sourced quality Natural ingredients.

Hand made in New Zealand

Earth conscious

Cruelty free

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